The Chinese healthcare market, which surpassed Japan’s as the World’s 2nd largest and will grow to $1 trillion by 2020, is vast and growing. It attracts and will continue to attract capital inflow from other industries. As the world’s only two economies today that reached 10 trillion US dollars, the gap between the U.S. and China in the healthcare field, in the volume, size, and quality, is still obvious, which may also be the same huge space for development and potential.


It is foreseeable that there are tremendous challenges as well as fast-growing opportunities under this gap, while there needs to be an adaptation to the attractive opportunity for cross-border investment in the healthcare products and services. Yet gap remains in the formal platform to integrate the market resource to provide outcome-driven tools to serve Chinese investors to identify investment targets and for the U.S. firms to enter the Chinese market and forge the partnership. We develop effective and efficient tools for cross-border partnership, Sino-US financing, and investment, healthcare M&A, and technology licensing.


DME Health and DME Intelligence are the solutions we offer for better outcomes. Now, we’re utilizing DME health to break down complicated healthcare industries, integrate high profile companies, finance clusters, hospitals and government resources to close deals in the healthcare market. Also, we explore the potential of a platform, the DME Intelligence, created using a self-advanced machine learning algorithm and AI-powered media vehicles, to assist in healthcare investment deal-making process, source suitable partners for partnering and financing conferences, and increase the outcome of investment in healthcare.

Elane Pu
Founder and Principal
Samantha Jones
Project Manager
Kim Bailey
VP Marketing
Trevor Sinclair
VP Accounts

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