DME Health is a data-driven investment platform for healthcare sectors. It is incubated at Brown University and created for cross-border investors. We seek to develop effective and efficient tools for partnership, financing, healthcare M&A, and technology licensing. Currently, we use four tools to improve investment experience with higher efficiency and better outcome: partnering and financing events, media and communication vehicles, consulting, and an artificial intelligence backend – DME Intelligence.

The Chinese healthcare market, as the World’s 2nd largest, is vast and growing. It will grow to $1 trillion by 2020. It attracts and will continue to attract capital inflow from other industries. As the world’s only two economies today that reached 10 trillion US dollars, the U.S. and China market in healthcare field has substantial differences in the volume, size, quality, value, and culture. It is obvious there is also a vast space for development and potential for significate investment. We serve cross-border investors with identified investment targets, license technology to Chinese market, and assist the U.S. companies to forge the partnerships and enter into the raising Chinese healthcare sectors.
The tremendous challenges need to be overcome with an adaptive platform to attract and create opportunities, provide products and services in a cross-border healthcare investment. There remains a gap to integrate current era trends and power. We embrace and combine the market and government resources to provide outcome-driven tools.
DME Health and DME Intelligence are the solutions we offer for better investment experience and outcome.
DME Health is an investment platform we created for cross-border investors. It develops effective and efficient tools for cross-border partnership and financing, healthcare M&A, and technology licensing. Now, we’re utilizing it to break down complicated healthcare industries, integrate high profile companies, finance clusters, hospitals and government resources. DME Health helps cross-border business with special strategy and skills to overcome cultural barriers, build collaborations, and close deals in the healthcare field.
DME Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform. It is an AI back-end developed to support DME Health, provide us tools for investment, and increase investment efficiency. We explore the potential of DME Intelligence, using self-advanced machine learning algorithms and AI-powered communication vehicles, to assist in healthcare investment deal-making process, match startup companies from venture capital pools with investors in the next round, analyze company profiles, source suitable targets for partnering and financing conferences, analyze investor’s behavioral patterns, and increase the efficiency of investment in healthcare.

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